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Company Profile

Aura Engineering, LLC was established in 1996 with the goal of providing professional engineering and design services to the petrochemical, chemical, and storage terminal industries.

Through the years, we aided our storage terminal clients in increasing throughput, decreasing emissions, and improving reliability. Aura's vapor control systems have safely collected vapors generated by hundreds of different chemicals from a wide variety of applications.

Our team's experience in vapor collection, combustion systems, and storage terminals has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients--not just here in our home state of Texas, but across the United States and internationally.

Founder and Principal

Gary Lawrence, Aura's founder and principal engineer, holds two United States patents related to vapor control processes. The first patent is for a "staged hydrocarbon combustion system" and the second is for a "method and apparatus for venting a storage vessel."

Gary was also involved with the development of the United States Coast Guard vapor control regulations. He has been an industry consultant from the time the regulations were initially published in the late 1980's to the most recent revision in 2013.