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Tank Vapor Control Systems

Aura Engineering can design vapor control systems for fixed roof tanks, emergency relief for high pressure tanks, and internal floating roof tanks.

High Pressure Vapor Control

Chemicals such as 1,3-butadiene, propane, butane, and other liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are typically stored as compressed liquids in high pressure vessels. Aura has extensive experience designing vapor control systems for the emergency relief of high pressure storage tanks containing compressed liquids.

Fixed Roof Tanks

Fixed roof tanks require some method of vapor control during filling. Whether you prefer a traditional vapor control system with an abatement device, or a vapor balancing system, Aura can provide the solution to suit your needs.

Internal Floating Roof Tanks

Volatile chemicals or stringent air permits can demand additional vapor control measures for internal floating roof tanks. These tank vapor control systems pose a unique challenge due to the very low pressures involved. Because many storage tanks are rated for only a few inches of water column, systems must be designed to collect and transfer vapors without damaging the tanks. Aura has developed systems for tank vapor control from both above the floating roof when low-emission operation is a priority, and below the floating roof for emission control during tank degassing.