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Vapor Abatement

There are multiple options available for final vapor abatement equipment. Vapor abatement equipment is typically categorized by its destruction and removal efficiency (DRE), although additional emissions characteristics must sometimes be considered. Aura has designed systems to use all kind of vapor abatement equipment, depending on our customer's specific needs.

Vapor Combustors

Open flares, enclosed flares, and thermal oxidizers all destroy vapors by combustion. Open flares can achieve destruction efficiency of up to 98%, while enclosed flares and thermal oxidizers can achieve anywhere from 99% to 99.99% DRE. Aura utilizes air-assist blowers in our flares and thermal oxidizers to maximize destruction efficiency and ensure smokeless operation.

Scrubbers and Carbon Adsorption

Scrubbers and carbon adsorption systems can provide very clean operation, with recovery efficiencies from 70% to greater than 99% and no additional emissions from burning fuel.

Vapor Balancing

Vapor balancing allows storage facilities to return vapors from loading operations directly back to the tanks. This allows for improved product recovery and little to no utility usage.