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The United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations 33 CFR 154.2100 require each marine vapor control system (MVCS) design and all required documentation be inspected and certified by a USCG approved third party or “certifying entity” (CE). Aura Engineering has been a USCG approved certifying entity since opening our doors in 1996. As a CE, Aura acts on behalf of the Coast Guard to ensure the MVCS meets all USCG regulations regarding the vapor control system. The certification process begins with a review of the design of the system and required documentation. The review is then followed up with a site visit to ensure the physical system is consistent with the design. Aura must also be observe the first vessel load to ensure the system works as stated. Once all areas of the regulations have been satisfied, we will submit a letter of compliance to the Coast Guard which will allow you to begin regular operations.

A certifying entity is not only required for new system start-ups, but also for any changes made to the MVCS. If a facility makes any changes to their MVCS, they must contact a CE to determine the appropriate steps. Aura works closely with our clients before changes are made to help keep them in USCG compliance throughout the process. Once it is determined that the changes can be made safely, Aura will plan the required recertification around the facility's schedule to minimize downtime.

For more information about certification and re-certification compliance, please contact us at 281-485-1105.